These flat rugs are great for dining rooms. Chairs will move more easily across these no pile rugs, and clean up will be much simpler with nowhere for food to get trapped.

Visit the store to see samples of our thin, flat rugs; the perfect rug for under your dining table.

To find the approximate size rug you will need, simply add 4 feet to you dining table size. This will give you 2 feet of rug on each side, so you chairs won't come off the edges when sitting, or getting up from the table.

E.g. 3' x 5' table. 3+4 = 7, and 5+4 = 9. So, a 7'x9' rug would be best. You may also size up a bit, if your measurement is not a common rug size.

Flat Rugs For Dining Rooms

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