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- You can shop by size below, here you'll find rugs for which we have an 18" sample square in stock at the store

- You can also visit the manufacturer's site to shop our extended collection of over 10,000 area rug styles: Browse Area Rugs (opens in new window)

- Order an 18" sample square for most rugs by selecting a sample pack (scroll down), and listing the rug style(s) you'd like

- Samples can be delivered to our store or your home/office, and are fully refundable when returned to our store.

- Over 200, 18" samples already in store

Notes on shopping our area rugs:

On our site, you can refine the rugs you see by using various options on the left hand side of the screen (on mobile, options move to the bottom of the screen).

Size: Rugs will be near the size you select. E.g. if you choose 8' x 10', you may also see some rugs that are 7'6" x 9'6"

Material: This will show any rug that contains at least 50% this material. E.g. if you select wool, you will see rugs that are 100% wool, but also rugs that may be a blend of wool and another material; such as 50% wool, 50% polyester.

Shopping Our Extended Collection on

Price Range: All rugs are graded $ - $$$$$ to let you know if it is a more or less expensive rug.

Want an exact price?

Contact usPlease include the rug collection e.g. "Cosmopolitan", style code e.g. COS-9102, & size e.g. 8' x 10'.

- Or look up the price on this PDF price listOnce the PDF is open, use ctrl+f to search for a rug collection. All rugs of the same size, from the same collection e.g. "Cosmopolitan" will be that same price.

Area Rugs